marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

Demon babies will take over the world!

Demon Babies were first discovered by King Shaka's tribe in Zimbabwe. Born from a shaman and a tribe dancer, this child had the capacity of making music from any object at hand. It is as he could listen to life's own song and play it for all to hear.

Since then many demon babies were found throughout the world and in all cases these children were born through a combination of parents that are inclined twords music and magic.

In 1984, a group was formed that was to harness the true power of these children. Six demon babies have been gathered from all over the world and taken to an excluded place in the wilderness where they were educated to play any musical instrument known to man.

The plan was to help these children learn to play the Song of Life to the world entire, to teach the world about the true meaning of life, because although many languages have formed on our planet, music is the only language that everyone can understand.

Their music was incredible.. the sounds could move the souls of men and women to the point of extasy and shake the very foundation of the ground they danced on.

These children have since then grown.. and together they formed a group called Transformars to share this music with the world.

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